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Legal Debt Support

DebtBüddy is a specialist consumer debt problem solving company that only employs the best consumer debt problem solvers, debt counselors and lawyers ready to be a Büddy in debt problem solving. DebtBüddy offers numerous debt solutions, which include (but is not limited to) judgment and garnishee order investigations, credit record clearance, negotiations with creditors, debt legal assistance and debt counselling.


This benefit includes debt related legal services rendered by DebtBüddy (Pty) Ltd, one of the Büddy group of companies. As a valued member of ValueBüddy, You will have free access to debt assessment services.
These services and solutions include:

  1. One free basic credit consultation on your unique credit profile with a DebtBüddy;
  2. Advice from DebtBüddy on the best plan to improve your credit profile (should improvements be needed);
  3. DebtBüddy will, amongst others, conduct reckless credit investigations, judgment clearance, which include garnishees as well as negotiations with your creditors where it’ll add value.
  4. The most suitable solution will be suggested by the DebtBüddy lawyers that specialise in debt management.