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Screen Cover

Our phones are on us all the time and sometimes a phone cover isn’t enough to protect your screen from damage. As part of our amazing screen cover, we can fix your phone’s screen if it’s cracked up to the value of R1500… twice a year!


Please note that you need to report the incident that lead to the screen damage, to ValueBüddy by phoning our team on 083 9000 534, within 7 days of it occurring.

  1. After a valid incident, e.g. when you dropped your phone, the cost of the repair or replacement of the damaged handset screen, including labour, provided the damaged screen is installed or repaired by a ValueBüddy appointed service provider, up to the amount below is covered.
  2. The incident  must be reported to the ValueBuddy call centre  (083 9000 534). The call centre agent will direct you to the closest, most appropriate service provider where you can take your phone for repairs.
  3. A maximum of 2 (Two) incidents will be entertained per Büddy (and there is one phone allowed per Büddy on this program), within a 12 (twelve) month cycle, limited to R1,500 per incident.
  4. The benefit shall not be paid in cash, the benefits in terms of this service shall be the replacement of the Handset Screen with a product of similar quality and price.
  5. You will only qualify on the assumption that your phone is in working order and not damaged at the time of signing up.

The value of this benefit will be reduced to Zero if:

  1. You have claimed more than three screens in any immediately preceding 24 months;
  2. You are a willing participant in any of the following: (1) any act of war (whether war is declared or not), (2) military action, (3) riot, (4) insurrection, (5) civil commotion, (6) usurpation of power (7) martial law (8) terrorism (9) Any act or deed deliberately committed in violation of criminal law;
  3. Military combat outside of Your country of primary residence or military action intended to influence or overthrow the ruling government;
  4. Any of the statements are found to be inaccurate because you misrepresented facts to us; and
  5. You willfully damage or break the screen of Your mobile phone.